Closed Corner Framing

Traditional hand-carved and custom made closed-corner frames are a specialty. Only a handful of companies still create these frames in genuine gold, white gold, silver, and other leafed metals. All the moulding, shaping, and leafing is done by hand in a multi-stage process. Because of the exquisite attention these frames receive, they are particularly beautiful but absolutely appropriate for many types of art—not exclusive to expensive canvases!—and can be quite affordable for their particular beauty. We carry a wide selection of these beautiful mouldings.


A Street Frames

A renowned Boston-based picture framing company, A Street Frames creates unique  artisanal frames. Beautifully hand crafted hard wood and steel frames provide an modern, refined look to your pieces of art.


A Street offers a multitude of options in wood frames, allowing our customers to choose from several types of wood, stains, laquers, and cuts.  All individually milled and finished to each customer's specifications.


Also offering one-of-a-kind welded steel frames, A Street's selection is unmatched.  Each frame is skillfully grinded and finished by hand, creating a frame that is art unto itself.

Rhonda Feinman Frames

For over a decade, Rhonda Feinman Custom Frames has created exquisite fine art frame collections for special order in the art and framing industry.  From antique to 20th century-style frames, these authentic gold leafed closed corner mouldings provide a beautiful, classic look to any piece of art.

Prisma Frames

Prisma Frames are not-so-traditional closed corner frames.  These acrylic frames are custom made to each piece with so many options that no two frames are alike.  With over 40 color choices, different finishes, unique shapes, and even patterns, you will find that designing your Prisma frame will be just as fun as they look.

Other Collections...


We are proud to carry a very exclusive line of real leather wrapped frames hand-made in Peru. Closed-corner with exquisite detail and customized colors and stitching make these frames one-of-a-kind. Art unto themselves, these frame pair beautifully with many types of art and are truly distinguished.



As one of our main closed corner frame suppliers, AMCI offers range of styles from rounded hardwood stained frames to classically carved and gilded frames.

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