Stretching & Mounting

Frame-O-Rama offers a range of services to help our clients display their pieces.  We offer a variety of mounting and stretching options for your posters, prints, fabric art and canvases.



Standard stretches are done on canvas or fabric most often when fitting the canvas into a custom frame.  This practical method of stretching simply secures the canvas piece tightly around custom-cut stretcher bars with staples to the sides of the bars.  Once the stretched canvas is placed into a custom frame, the staples are no longer visible, and you're ready to hang a beautiful work of art.


When canvas pieces have enough allowance (space around the main image) to do a "gallery stretch", the end result is undoubtably beautiful.


This option is chosen when the sides of the stretched canvas will be exposed, whether it's a white edge or the image itself extending to the sides.  Gallery stretched pieces can be hung unframed, in a float frame, or in a full-on custom frame job--it's your choice!

We offer a wide range of mounting options for your pieces.  Consider your art when deciding what to do!  Maybe you simply need backing (not adhered to your piece) to help flatten your art within your frame without causing damage to a piece of value (signed, numbered, one-of-a-kind, etc).  Or if your item is a simple poster, or something you just like the look of, maybe mounting is your best option to prevent (or try to smooth out) sagging and wrinkling.  Here are the options we offer:


Cotton Rag matboard is naturally acid and lignin-free, which is ideal for conservation matting AND backing.  This option assures that your art or treasured photos are kept safe between the four walls of your choice picture frame.



Foamcore, which comes in 3/16" deep, is a standard in picture frame backing.  When all you really need is a stiff material to keep your poster in place, this would be your choice!


Mounting* on foamcore is a great option to help prevent your poster from rippling or sagging over time.  Using a dry mounting process, we permanently adhere your piece to the foamcore, which provides a clean look behind your frame's glass or acrylic.


Gator Board is the stronger older sibling of our standard foamcore backing.  Rather than foamcore's paper surface, Gator Board has a solid wood fiber veneer on both its back and front.  We use this board to securely back larger art pieces, which have a higher tendency to ripple or sag when hanging for a long period of time.



As one of our most recent additions to our list of custom services at Cheap Pete's, LamiFrame is one our favorite offerings and one of our customers' most popular display choices.


LamiFrame Mounting is a polished mounting option, which, for some, eliminates the need for a frame--although you always have the option to put it into a frame, whether it's now or 20 years from now!


This type of mounting adheres your piece of art to a premium wood panel and laminates the surface with a UV protected luster film, keeping your art sealed on the panel, leaving you with a sleek, ultra-modern display-ready piece of art.

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